Request to the Net: Disaster Apps

disaster appsOur request to the net:  We are now looking for all the DISASTER APPs available right now. Click here to find out what apps and directories we have found so far.  If you know of any disaster app directories, let us know!

STAR-TIDES is currently working on a research project to identify applications that can be used in natural disaster environments. While programmers have developed numerous disaster applications, finding and using the applications during or just prior to a crisis can be a hit or miss proposition. These applications are often being developed by programmers during or immediately after a disaster, making it difficult to pre-train operators and alert the general public of their functions. Generally speaking, disaster applications can also be difficult to find, as they are constantly being modified and often functionally conflict with similar applications.

STAR-TIDES is working to compile a list of these disaster applications so that they can be more easily accessible to the public and crisis responders. If you are aware of any mobile, web-based or SMS applications that could be useful in a post-disaster environment, please feel free to share them with us. We are particularly interested in applications that are designed and used in an international context.

Please send an email to with comments or suggestions.


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TIDES Research Assistant Intern
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