TIDES Demo Exhibitors as of 1 OCT 2013

AlphaGen International http://www.alphageninternational.com/
Energy Technologies, Inc.
Immediate Response Technologies http://www.imresponse.com
NewHouse R & D http://decadome.com
PeaceBuilding Solutions http://www.solvepeace.org
Shelter In a Day http://www.shelterinaday.com
Visible Good http://Visible-Good.com
Bergey Windpower Co. http://www.bergey.com
Day and Night Solar http://dayandnightsolar.com
Defense Power Systems/ Protonex http://www.protonex.com/defense/
Energy Dense Power Systems http://energydensepowersystems.com
Energy Solutions, LLC http://www.energysolutions.com
Integrated Solar Technologies www.i-solar-technologies.com
Northern Lights Applied Sciences LLC http://www.northernlightsas.com/2.html
One Earth Designs http://www.OneEarthDesigns.com
MilSpray Military Technologies www.milspray.com/
Protonex http://Www.protonex.com/
Seamless Solar Solutions www.seamlesssolarsolutions.com
Sirona Cares www.sironacares.org
Solar Household Energy http://www.she-inc.org/
Solar Stik http://www.solarstik.com
Ultra Electronics http://www.ultra-hyperspike.com
US Army CERDEC, CP&I, Power Division http://www.cerdec.army.mil/directorates/cpi_power_division.asp
First Water Systems, Inc. http://www.firstwaterinc.com
Hind Pharma http://www.hindpharma.com
Hydration Technologies Innovation www.htiwater.com
International Water Company Get Water from the river 30×30 area
MAC Water Technologies, Inc. http://www.macwatertech.com
Rain Catchers www.rain-catchers.net
Relief International (Enterprise Works) www.ri.org
Babington Technology, Inc. (Mobile Kitchen Trailer) http://www.babingtontechnology.com
Burn Manufacturing http://burnmanufacturing.com
Butyl Products http://www.butylproducts.co.uk
Institutional Stove Solutions http://www.instove.org
Solar Cookers International http://www.solarcookers.org/
Stove Tech & Aprovecho an NGO (air quality testing) http://ww.biolitestove.com
SunBD Corporation http://www.sunbdcorp.com/‎
Attivio Eagle (exhibiting w/ KSI Video) http://www.attivio.com
C-SIGMA Centre http://www.c-sigma.org/
GATR http://www.gatr.com
goTenna http://www.gotenna.com
Inmarsat inmarsatgov.com
KSI Video ksivideo.com/
LRAD Corporation http://www.lradx.com
Lyman Communications
MEDWEB http://www.medweb.com/ 
MindTel http://projects.mindtel.com
Polycon http://www.polycom.com/federal
Third Block Group (Front Office)   http://thirdblockgroup.com/
Yes Reliance Products L.P. http://www.relianceproducts.com/
YES Sonoco Protective – ThermoSafe http://www.thermosafe.com/ http://www.sonoco.com
Air National Guard (Domestic Operations) goang.com/‎
Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership http://www.pohgep.net   http://pohgep.net/community/
Voice of America http://www.voanews.com
UMD-Prevention Research Center and the National Community Committee of the CDC-PRC http://www.cdc.gov/prc/communityvoices
Exxodus Foundation, Inc exxodusfoundation.com
Yes Kayak Kaboose (Enviro Wilderness Pod, Inc.) http://www.kayakkaboose.com
Supply Needs LLC http://supplyneeds.net
MobilitySolutions&InnovationsInc http://www.mobilitysolution.net

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One Response to TIDES Demo Exhibitors as of 1 OCT 2013

  1. Ecovita says:

    Ecovita field toilet solutions will also be there.

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