TIDES Team Trains on Soft Power

On 28-29 Aug, the TIDES team were invited to participate in a 2 day class on soft power by Soft Power, LLc. (http://www.softpowersolutions.com/) Attended by leaders throughout the military, the U.S. Government, and academic leaders throughout the D.C. Area, this dynamic training provided opportunities to work through complex problems directly applicable to some of the largest challenges that the U.S. military have encountered in the last 10 years. This training uses a repeatable construct of co-creation for building partner capacity abroad and domestically. It based its metrics off of first identifying where the most fundamental issues lie: Climate, Resources, Energy/Environment, Water. These issues should be addressed through the following lenses: Perception/education, Religion/ideology, Improved energy/environment, Medical/health, and Economics. To learn more about the concepts from this training to use in your efforts, click here.

“Soft power is the ability to provide stability and security through the co-creation of solutions involving energy, environment, medical, health, and economics.” Edwin A. (Skip) Vincent, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret), Soft Power Solutions Chairman


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