NIEM in November! David Becker Presents Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL)


Last month, National Defense University hosted NIEM in November a day-long live and virtual workshop for the entire NIEM community.

What’s NIEM?

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is an information exchange framework consisting of organizations across all levels of government (federal, state, local and tribal) and the private sector. The purpose is to share information related to safetydisaster managementintelligence, homeland security, etc. 

This past March, the Defense Department signed a memo to adopt NIEM as the DoD-wide system for information sharing. This has potential to improve information sharing across DoD and with mission partners. 

During the event, TIDES’ David Becker participated in the Domain Lightning Round and briefed participants on the Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL). We plan to work more closely with NIEM especially on efforts like HXL, an initiative to improve data exchange between US and UN organizations working in disaster and emergency response. For more info on HXL see:

To watch the NIEM in November event see:

David Becker is the Director of Civil Military Affairs Integration at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy in National Defense University


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