Interview with Al Zaccor – Solar Stik


By Zelie Munzimi

December 12th 2013, 11 am, TIDES spoke with Mr. Al Zaccor from Solar Stik.  Solar Stik is a company that provides portable power solutions for anyone in need to operate without power, for domestic purposes and to include for Department of Defense, international governments & armed forces, worldwide relief Organizations, and multiple state & county emergency management organizations.

Mr. Zaccor first started working with TIDES nearly six years ago at the TIDES Field Demonstration at Ft. McNair in 2007 since then, Solar Stik has participated in all TIDES demo events for the last five years. “TIDES is an excellent venue to network and share ideas,” Mr. Zaccor stated.

Solar Stik also attended this year’s 7th Annual TIDES Technology Field Demonstration. An important fact to consider is that Solar Stik played a double role during this event. In addition to exhibiting their alternative power solutions, they also provided the power to fellow exhibitors which kept the event running smoothly. Mr. Zaccor said this year’s demo was “excellent”, adding that it was the most organized demo to date.  He was amazed that so many vendors participated in the event. Mr. Zaccor suggested two reasons why it is important to have the involvement of many vendors at the TIDES demo.  First, the involvement of a lot of exhibitors implies more things to see that will attract more people. Secondly, more exhibitors with a variety of products brings more people to talk to for partnership purposes and making new contacts.

STAR-TIDES was a great opportunity to meet people other than the Department Of Defense personnel they normally deal with. Given that there needs to be more participation from Department Of Defense units who deals with humanitarian assistance and disaster relief as well as military headquarters whose geographic area of responsibilities cover most developing and undeveloped countries. There also needs to be more participation from the Department of State, particularly the Bureau of African Affairs that focuses on the development and management of U.S. policy concerning the African continent.

Pleased with his work experience with Tides in all, Mr. Zaccor looks forward to next year’s demo!

Zelie Munzimi was a TIDES Intern from Aug-Dec 2013 at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy in National Defense University


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