World Malaria Day

Each year an estimated 630,000 people die from malaria–most of these victims are children under the age of five.  Over the past decade education, training, and access to technology have helped reduce the number of malaria deaths worldwide. Between 2000 and 2012, malaria mortality rates have decreased by 45% globally and by 49% in Africa. While malaria is a deadly disease it is treatable and preventable. Prevention can be achieved through simple solutions like bed netting which can help repel mosquitoes and other insects. Researchers have found that bed netting treated with insecticide is even more effective in reducing the spread of malaria. Increased access to mobile devices and geospatial information systems can also help healthcare officials track and monitor mosquito populations. Since 2007 TIDES has been curating and cataloging technologies and resources that support stressed populations. See below for a sample list of resources for bed netting. Now more than ever new and innovative technologies are needed to help save lives. If you have ideas or suggestions please feel free to contribute by adding to our Infrastructure Directory (you will need to create an account) or you can email us at







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