8th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration Exhibitor List (As of 2 Oct)

Infrastructure  Exhibitor Website
Shelter ACTS CSI now CTEK http://actscsi.com
Decadome http://decadome.com
Shelter Box http://www.shelterboxusa.org
Visible Good http://visible-good.com
Power Tiberius Energy http://tiberiusenergy.com
Rugged Systems (Energy Technologies Inc) http://www.ruggedsystems.com/
Energy Solutions http://energysolutions.com
Delta Electric: Delta Corp http://deltaepa.com
Day and Night Solar http://dayandnightsolar.com
Sirona Cares Foundation http://www.sironacares.org
Solar Stik www.solarstik.com
WorldWater & Solar Technologies Inc http://www.worldwatersolar.com
Eco Power Liberia http://ecopowerliberia.com
Aspect Solar http://www.aspectsolar.com
Solar Pure
Hybrid Pedals http://www.hybridpedals.com
Delta Products Corporation http://www.delta-americas.com
Water Cardinal Resources http://www.cardinalres.com
Aquasolve Ventures LLC http://www.aquasolveventures.com
International Water Company http://internationalwatercompany.com
EZ-Pack Water http://www.ezpackwater.com/en/default.asp
Parjana http://www.parjana.com
Rain Catchers LLC http://www.rain-catchers.net
The Basilar Group http://www.thebasilargroup.com
Mac Water Tech http://macwatertech.com
Hippo Water http://www.hipporoller.org
Cooking Solar Household Energy http://www.she-inc.org
Solar Cookers International http://www.solarcookers.org
California Sunlight Corporation http://www.california-sunlight.com
Information & Communication Technology Mobile Sciences Consortium
Inmarsat http://inmarsat.com
Christine Wireless
Lyman Communications http://lymancom.com
NVIS Communications http://nvis-barrett.com
Gatr http://gatr.com
Noblis NSP(GeoSHAPE) http://www.noblis-nsp.com
Regula Forensics http://regulaforensic.org
Van Cleve & Associates Inc https://www.vcasecurity.com
Knowledge Bridge International http://knowledgebridgeintl.com
NiyamIT http://niyamit.com
Thuraya Telecommunications Company http://www.thuraya.com
WebFirst http://webfirst.com
MedWeb http://www.medweb.com/
Smart Imaging Systems, Inc http://smartimagingsystems.com
Disaster Solutions, LLC http://www.disastersolutions.cc
DHS S&T Communications Support http://www.dhs.gov
KSI Data Sciences http://www.thelaunchplace.org
National Library of Medicine http://www.nlm.nih.gov
Voxtec International, Inc. www.voxtec.com
Sanitation Toilets for People http://toiletsforpeople.com/
Ecovita http://ecovita.net
Sanivation http://sanivation.com
Heating/Cooling TerraMarCo http://www.terramarsports.com
First Line Tech http://www.firstlinetech.com
Lighting American Light Works http://americanlightworks.com
Other ADS Inc. http://adsinc.com
Laser Technology Inc http://lasertech.com
Waterous Co. http://waterousco.com
Milspray http://milspray.com
VT-ARC, VT DREAMS Lab http://www.vt-arc.org
AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA CorpsDepartment of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate First Responder Group



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