ERW Challenge Winners: Interview With ERW Detector Developer

Q: Please introduce the main features/characteristics of your application.

A: The Main features of my application are as follows:

1. To use your phone as a tool for detecting metal objects or dangerous land mines and explosives. Just swipe your phone over the area suspected area and it will alert you.

2. Report the location and details of the concerned area along with reportee’s name to a central portal with listing of all the reported areas.

3. Get alert on your smartphone if you accidentally walk in some previously reported area of concern. (This feature is to be released next week).

4. The portal reports the colleted information to related authorities with full information about the reported site, The image, location coordinates, Repotee info , time of reporting etc. The sites can be removed after they have been examined by the related authorities. (This is not yet implemented).

Q: What was the motive behind the development of this application? Be specific. Ie) Was there a significant moment or story that made you want to develop this type of app?

A: My interest in computer aroused when I saw a DARPA grand challenge on discovery channel in my high school days. Since then, I am always thinking or working on different innovative ideas to apply technology to solve real world problems. This is the main reason that when I saw this challenge, I just simply could not resist participating. Although I saw it on the very last day of submission, I started my coding sprint to complete my idea from wireframe to a basic functional app in 9-10 hours only. When I saw this competition page, the idea of using the phone magnetometer struck me immediately, and I kept making it more useful and functional by adding more features and qualities. More features will be added shortly. This affinity for developing real world solutions motivated me to develop this app.

Q: Why did your team compete in the Explosive Remnants of War and Land Mine Reporting Apps Challenge?

A: Well, this type of competition requires the use of technology to solve real world problems, and I have a knack for working on such projects. When I saw this competition, I immediately called up my team members and we hacked our solution from idea to reality in 10 hours straight. I will be really interested in participating in any future projects that uses the application of technology in real world problems. So please keep us posted.

Q: Could you tell us about any of you (or your company’s) achievements that you want to share with the STAR-TIDES community?

A: I am a computer science engineer from India. I have participated in various competitions organized by Intel (Appinnovation) , Blackberry (hackathon), Microsoft (Imagine Cup) and many more. I generally develop my projects with my one of my two close friends/team mates (if they are free). I even participated in this competition with them. Apart from that I have been a Research Intern at a Google Lunar X Prize team from India and MIT global startup labs in 2013.

Q: What are your long-term plans for the application?

A: My future plans for this application are as follows:

1. Use of machine learning to effectively detect and distinguish metal objects by their field organization.

2. Using geo-fencing based alerts on previously reported areas.

3. Providing our portal information to related authorities in required compatible format.

4. Removing the sites after confirmation from authorities.


About startides

TIDES Research Assistant Intern
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