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DisasterAWARE Demo

By Jackie Faselt and Scotty Davids In the wake of a disaster or in the midst of humanitarian aid efforts, the uninterrupted flow of geospatial information is essential to all responders. Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) has developed and improved a … Continue reading

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Finding Clean Cooking Technologies for the Poorest of the Poor

“Around the world, 3 billion poor people […] cook over unventilated wood, coal or dung fires. About 4 million deaths a year are associated with inhaling the smoke,” reports Significant advances have been made in the production and distribution of cleaner, … Continue reading

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Why is the Toilet Project in India Clogged?

By Scotty Davids Over 50 percent of homes in India lack toilets. For hundreds of years, the Indian population has gone to the fields to relieve themselves. So when Rameshwar Natholi from Mukhrai walked out his front door to see a donated toilet, … Continue reading

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Crisis Mapping in Nepal

By Jackie Faselt Crowdsourced crisis mapping was introduced as an important technology in the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief field during the 2010 Haiti earthquake and in the past five years it has greatly expanded in scope and efficiency. Crisis … Continue reading

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