January 26-28 2015: 26th Annual SO/LIC Symposium & Exhibition (Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict) at Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association).  More at: 

May 19-21 2015: 2015 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference)More at:  

Oct 6-9 2015: 9th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration at Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C. Defense University is staging a mash-up of innovative technologies for disaster assistance and development off the grid in an open field, Non-profit organizations, citizen associations, specialized vendors and others will be showing off their best ideas and tools to help people post-disaster, post-conflict or in extreme poverty. Demonstrations, exhibits, speakers and discussions will be held exchange insights and experiences and discuss cross-cutting issues for everything from logistics and soft power, to info-sharing and community-based solutions. For questions or inquiries, contact or call 202-685-7284

Oct 14-16 2015: TIDES Technology Demonstration at the Pentagon.  For questions or inquiries, contact or call 202-685-7284

September 2016: 10th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration
The TIDES Technology demonstration and speaker series is tentatively scheduled for September 2016.  For more information please contact

September 2016: TIDES Technology Demonstration at the Pentagon
TIDES will move the display to the center courtyard of the Pentagon.  If you would like more info about this event please contact for details.This event is by invitation and is only open to staff inside the Pentagon.

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